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AI Developer

AI Developer

Alethea is trying to build the AI powered “tricorders” of the future. We are looking for an individual who wants to help us change the world.

Alethea is looking for a AI / dev role to help build, and manage our various AI/ML models, as well as implement them and other user features. Requirement is for a Data Scientist. Development is nice to have.

Tasks include:

  • Managing and understanding our data
  • Building, implementing, and managing ML models in the Google Cloud environment
  • Working closely with the development team to gather data for models, as well as deploying and managing these models.
  • Working with the CMO (Chief Medical Officer) to identify new opportunities and direct how we gather the data, build the models and implement them
  • Understanding our data and models to identify potential issues and biases
  • Helping to develop our web portals (REACT, Typescript)
  • Adding features to our mobile app
  • Maintaining and developing our cloud functions (Python, Node.JS)
  • Debugging issues and testing apps
  • Contributing to architectural and design discussions
  • Working with Account Managers to identify client requirements and new features

Qualifications and skills:

  • An understanding of image recognition, natural language process, and other machine learning techniques required.
  • Experience working with cloud computing services (AWS, Google Cloud, Firebase, etc).
  • Since our ML models are served through our web applications, general experience in a production web development environment is preferred
  • Comfortable facing challenges that you don’t yet have the skills for

As we are a startup, we need a flexible individual who can contribute on multiple levels and wear multiple hats. This means working on a variety of projects and a variety of tasks. We are looking for an engaged individual who is ready to roll up their sleeves and work wherever it is required.

As this person will be integral to helping build our company's success, we are looking for the right person, so cultural fit matters more than technology fit.