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Sales Intern - Edmonton

Sales Intern - Edmonton

About Alethea

Alethea is a Calgary-based eConsult and digital diagnostic platform for primary care providers (mostly Family Physicians). Alethea helps Family Physicians access faster specialist care and advice. Currently, Alethea provides eConsultattion for 9 specialties, along with AI diagnostic support for ENT and Dermatology. 

Our technology enables clinicians to record, store and share images using our digital endoscope and mobile app. Alethea’s Artificial Intelligence offers point-of-care diagnostic support. Through our platform, an eConsult can be performed with our team of specialists. The referring physician will receive same-day recommendations for treatment and follow-up, without the need to wait months to years for a traditional consultation. 

Alethea is seeking an enthusiastic, engaged and highly motivated Sales Intern to help us further develop the market for our product. We are a team focused organization. You will work with the rest of the Business Development Team and will report to the Sales and Marketing Manager. 

What we are looking for

As a Sales Intern you will be responsible for maintaining and growing our client base, and improving our exposure in the Northern region of Alberta. This will be done through direct interaction with individual (potential) clients and through our market communication programs. 


Work with the Business Development Team and the Sales and Marketing Manager to expand Alethea's reach in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. Collaborate to improve the experience of existing and future users of the platform. Execute the plan in conjunction with the rest of the Alethea team.

The following activities will be part of (but not limited to) the job: 

  • Maintain excellent relations with our current and future client base. 
  • Engage with clients to present the product and to raise interest for our offering.
  • Determine the "best product fit" for existing and new clients; upsell where possible.
  • Work with Customer Success Manager to onboard new clients and maintain their account.
  • Work with our CRM system to track clients through their sales life cycle.
  • Complete the delivery of hard copy marketing materials.
  • Participate in weekly team meetings.
  • Provide technical support to existing Northern region users, whether in-person or virtually. 
  • Prospect and build relationships with new clients in the Northern region through in-person outreach, cold-calling, and the transformation of in-bound leads.
  • Host demos, meetings, and “lunch and learns” to prospects either virtually or in person, subject to the prospects preference. 
  • Assist the Sales and Marketing Manager and Marketing Coordinator in the development of print and digital marketing materials (blog posts, instruction documents, mail outs etc. when necessary.

Success Factors

Although we see the success of the company as a joint responsibility, the following metrics have been defined to measure the success of the Marketing and Sales manager: 

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Number of clients engaged
  • Number of relevant outings through our sales channels
  • Increase in usage and revenue  
  • Quality of pipeline
  • Contributions to company development
  • Contributions to culture and company happiness

Qualifications/Expertise Required 

We are more interested in personality and behavioral skills than in degrees, diplomas etc. For this role we are looking for a current student or recent graduate. Experience in client facing roles is essential. We are looking for a person who is likable, who easily connects with people and who has excellent communication skills (verbal and in writing). Work experience in the medical space (e.g. in a medical clinic) is appreciated. At Alethea we strive for diversity in our team. Candidates that help us to become more balanced are most welcome.