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April 2021 Updates

  • External Image Upload to Gallery
    You can now upload images that were taken outside of the Alethea app to your gallery in the online portal.
  • Pinch Zoom and Tap to Focus on the Alethea Camera
  • PHN Look-Up in eConsult Form
  • Streamlined / Modified Data Fields in eConsult Forms

You can now upload images from your computer directly into the Gallery in your Online Portal to access the AI,
or include the images in an eConsult.

To upload an image, access your online portal by visiting Enter your Gallery using the menu bar
on the left side of your screen:

Once you have entered your Gallery, Select "Upload Files" at the top of your screen:

Next, either click to upload an image, or drag and drop an image into the upload box. Click "Submit":

The image will populate in your Gallery under the current date. You can access the AI by clicking on the image. You can include the image in a consult within the eConsult Form.

When using the rear-facing camera in your app, you can now pinch the screen to zoom in and out while taking a photo or recording a video. You can also tap the screen to focus while using the camera.

When typing in a PHN in the eConsult form on the mobile app or online portal, PHNs that are already in our system will begin to populate below. If you see the required PHN, click on it to finish filling in the PHN field:

Once you have selected the correct PHN, the other patient information fields will populate with the information we have
in our database.

Any patient information (PHN, patient name, phone number, or email) entered into the app or portal for the the first time will be saved in or database, and will auto-populate the next time you begin typing in their PHN.

Please note that many of the eConsult forms in the online portal and app have been simplified or reduced in size. In each form, there will be checkboxes for the applicable symptoms for the selected subsite, followed by a series of unstructured data fields for "Other Information". The respective fields for "Attached Images" and "Other Attachments" remain unchanged.  

There is also the option to select an "Advice Request" within the "Subsite" dropdown menu, rather than selecting a specific condition.

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