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February 2021 Updates

  • Delayed send on eConsult Patient CC emails
  • PHN Check, and OOP Option

As you may be aware, you are now able to CC your patients on eConsults upon their request. They will receive a secure copy of their consult when you enter their email address in the form and check the "Email patient" checkbox:

These emails will now be sent the next day at 7am. This allows us to submit billings for these emails on your behalf, using the 03.01AD or 03.01S fee codes. Please let your patients know that they will receive their copy of the consult the next morning.

When entering PHNs into the eConsult form on the online portal or in the app, you will now receive an error message under the PHN field if you enter an invalid PHN.  

If the PHN is an out of province number, please check the OOP checkbox beside the PHN field. For OOP patients, please include the patient's Address and Birthdate in the Other Information field of the form, or in a secure email to Alana for billing purposes.

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