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January 2021 Updates

  • New Specialty - General Surgery
  • New URL for Online Portal -
  • Delayed Send functionality for emails and forms sent through the Online Portal
  • Photo Gallery in the Online Portal

    You can now use the AI, and delete photos here

You can now submit eConsults for General Surgery through the Alethea app, and online portal! Dr. Richi Gill will be responding to General Surgery consultations.

Additionally, Dr. Gill will be accepting referrals for the Alberta Obesity Centre through the Alethea app. If you have a patient who you believe is a good candidate for the clinic and would like a referral, fill in the checkbox  "Refer directly to the Alberta Obesity Centre" in the Obesity / Bariatric eConsult form. After submission of the eConsult, Dr. Gill will respond to you with his recommendations, and the AOC will contact your patient with next steps.

Please include either the patient's email address, phone number, or both to refer a patient to AOC. This will ensure the patient is contacted in a timely manner.

To learn more about the AOC, click here!

Along with our new name, there is a new URL for the online portal -

For the time being, you can continue accessing your portal with the old URL  - Your login credentials currently remain unchanged.

You now have the ability to delay the sending of your emails and forms to the next day at 7am. This tool may help you better time your emails to avoid billing errors that result from patient emails and other services being performed on the same day. If you would like to time your forms, simply select the "Delay Send" checkbox next to the recipient you would like to receive the form a day later. You can also select "Delay All" so all the forms to those email address are sent the
next day:

To delay the send on your one-way patient emails, check the "Delay Sending" box under the patient email:

To view, delete, and access the AI for your photos through the online portal, click on the "Gallery" tab on the left menu bar:

Once you are in the gallery, click on the image to view the AI, or delete the image from your online gallery. If you delete the image from the gallery on your online portal, it will stay in the gallery on your phone. Similarly, if you delete a photo from the gallery on your phone, it will stay in your online portal until you delete it there:

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