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March 2021 Updates

March 2021 Release Notes

  • Video Recording for Rear-Facing Camera
  • Dermatology Specialist Addition: Dr. Danya Traboulsi
  • Clinic / Location Menu in eConsult Form

    This feature is for Physicians who are located at multiple clinics, and would like to use the platform at more than one clinic.
  • Additional Notes

    "Referral" is now titled "eConsult" on Online Portal Menu

You are now able to record videos using the rear facing camera through the Alethea app. This may be useful for cases where recording a high-quality image is difficult with a photo (a larger wound or rash, for example) or you would like to record a patient's movement.

To record a video, turn on the rear facing camera by tapping the button on the right hand side of your app screen:

Once you are on the rear-facing camera screen, press and hold the photo button to start recording:

Release the button to stop recording. To review your video, go into your photo library by using the button on the bottom left of your app screen:

Once you are in your photo gallery, select VIDEO on the top right of your screen. Tap the video to play it back:

To attach the video to a consult, fill out the eConsult form as you normally would. Within the form, click on "SELECT FILES" to take you to your photo and video library. Select "VIDEO" on the top right of your screen, and tap to select the videos you would like to include in your eConsult:

Please welcome Dr. Traboulsi to the Alethea platform! Dr. Traboulsi is located at Beacon Dermatology in Calgary, and will be responding to Dermatology eConsults, along with Dr. Devani.

Please note that there are now drop-down arrows beside each specialist in the eConsult form. If there are multiple specialists available, you will be able to select which specialist you would like to send your eConsult form to. At this time, Dermatology is the only specialty with multiple specialists:

When typing in a PHN in the eConsult form on the mobile app or online portal, PHNs that are already in our system will begin to populate below. If you see the required PHN, click on it to finish filling in the PHN field:

If you would like to use the Alethea platform at more than one clinic, you are now able to select your current clinic location within the eConsult form. This ensures that the eFax and specialist response for your consult go to the right clinic, and are uploaded to the correct EMR.

If you would like to have another clinic added to your profile, please contact Alana.  

To select your current clinic, tap the drop down menu in the Referring Physician section of the eConsult form, and select the correct location:

"Referral" is now titled "eConsult" on Online Portal Menu: In your online portal you will see that the "Referral" item on the left hand menu bar is now titled "eConsult".

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