October 26, 2021

Dr. Devon Livingstone Named Avenue Calgary
Top 40 Under 40

We are pleased to announce that our Founder, Dr. Devon Livingstone, has been recognized on Avenue Calgary's 2021 Top 40 Under 40 list for improving access to specialist care in Alberta through the Alethea Platform.

Read on to learn more about Dr. Livingstone, and why he created Alethea.

March 9, 2021

User Spotlight: Dr. Nathalie de Bruin
We caught up with Dr. de Bruin to discuss how she has been utilizing the Alethea platform over the past year, and how her patients have benefited through her use of the platform.

To learn more about Dr. de Bruin’s experience, read the full interview here.

January 25, 2021

We are excited to be featured in this month’s
AMA Newsletter!

Alethea: Light at the end of the canal

Improving diagnostic accuracy while reducing unnecessary treatmentsRead the Full Article Here

December 3, 2020

We are proud to have our very own Dr. Devon
Livingstone featured on the Collisions YYC Podcast.

December 11, 2019

ENTiD Selected by AHS for Participation in
CRAASH Program

We are very excited to be participating in the CRAASH Accelerator, run by the
Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology (CIMIT)  in Boston, MA.
ENTiD was selected by AHS from over 26 applications across Alberta. We look forward to
representing the province to develop tools that improve patient care.  More information can
be found at


September 13, 2019

ENTiD selected for Canadian Medical Association
- Joule Grant

Dr. Devon Livingstone, CMO of ENTiD was the grant
recipient in the Emerging Physician Innovator Category, see


July 23, 2019

Our research featured in ENTtoday,
the publication of the Triological Society

Devon Livingstone, MD, a fifth-year resident in the section of otolaryngology–head and neck surgery at the University of Calgary, Alberta, undertook a project to determine whether automated machine learning could be used to build an algorithm capable of accurately diagnosing otologic disease. “General practitioners (GPs) only achieve 50% accuracy when diagnosing acuteotitismedia and serious otitis media, and access to otolaryngologists is limited in many locations,” said Dr. Livingstone.
“In an attempt to improve this, I trained a neural network, which is a computer program modeled on the organization of the brain.”The program relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to optimally construct the neural network, he added. AI is rapidly expanding. Dr. Livingstone and his team built a hardware-agnostic algorithm using a database of 1,366 otoscopic images and trained it to diagnose 14 otologic conditions. The algorithm can also diagnose multiple conditions simultaneously (i.e., an extruded tympanostomy tube in a patient with a retraction and an effusion). The diagnostic threshold is set for each condition to optimize accuracy and patient safety. Using a test set of 89 algorithm-naïve images, the researchers obtained an average positive predictive value of 90.9% and a sensitivity of 86.1%.In the study, 10 physicians (five junior otolaryngology residents, two general practitioners, one pediatric resident, one internal medicine resident, and one emergency medicine resident) were tested on the same 89 images. For nearly every diagnosis, the algorithm performed significantly better than the physicians, said Dr. Livingstone. “This algorithm could be embedded into a digital otoscope platform to decrease healthcare costs and streamline the triage of consultations,” he added. “There is excellent potential for this algorithm in rural, remote, and low-resource health systems across the world.”Full article can be found here

May 2, 2019

TENET i2C Finalists

ENTiD has been selected as a finalist in the Tenet i2c competition, and will be presenting at INVENTURE$ 2019 in Calgary AB, competing with 7 other teams for $100,000 to promote product development and commercialization. Support Innovation in Alberta! More information on INVENTURE$ can be found here