Product Update Notes

The following pages contain the release notes for each Alethea update,
and can be referenced for instructions on how to access and use new features:

April 2021

  • External Image Upload to Gallery
  • Pinch Zoom and Tap to Focus on the Alethea Camera
  • PHN Look-Up in eConsult Form
  • Streamlined / Modified Data Fields in eConsult Forms

March 2021

  • Video Recording for Rear-Facing Camera
  • Dermatology Specialist Addition: Dr. Danya Traboulsi
  • Clinic / Location Menu in eConsult Form

February 2021

  • Delayed send on eConsult Patient CC emails
  • PHN Check, and OOP Option

January 2021

  • New URL for Online Portal -
  • Delayed Send functionality for emails and forms sent through the Online Portal
  • Photo Gallery in the Online Portal

December 2020

  • Online Portal with eConsult Functionality
  • Full-Screen Rear Camera Preview (Google Pixel Phone Users Only)

November 2020

  • Gastroenterology: New Specialty
  • CC Patient Email Option
  • eFax
  • Reference Journal for Dermatology