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Richard Hu

Dr. Richard Hu
Richard Hu



Dr. Hu is an orthopaedic spinal surgeon practicing in Calgary, Alberta, providing non-operative care for patients with spinal disorders. Dr. Hu is participating in a research study with Dr. G. Swamy to determine if a simple blood test can predict whether disc herniations will need surgical treatment. Dr. Hu is a faculty member of the Department of Surgery, Cumming School of Medicine and a member of the International Society for Study of the Lumbar Spine, the Canadian Spine Society and the North American Spine Society.

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Dr. Hu is currently screening for sciatica patients who may be candidates for the ongoing research study, "Can Systemic Inflammatory Profiles Predict Natural History of Lumbar Disc Herniations?".

In particular, he seeks patients with less than 3-4 weeks of symptoms, and predominantly sciatic pain (as opposed to back pain).

You can review a summary of the study in the Sciatica Study Handbook and the full details of the study in the Sciatica Clinic – for Referring Doctors document provided below.


Sciatica Study Handbook


Sciatica Clinic - for Referring Doctors

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