AI Digital Diagnostics

Point of Care Digital Diagnostics 

Alethea is working to modernize healthcare through AI diagnostic technology. Alethea’s AI tools provide Family Physicians with Specialist level guidance, allowing them to provide better care to patients more efficiently.

Using AI to increase access to Specialist care

Alethea has collaborated with Specialists to develop our AI tools. We help Physicians diagnose complex conditions and come up with effective treatment plans sooner. Currently, our AI provides prediction support for Physicians and we are working towards an AI diagnosis and treatment tool. We integrate AI predictions with clinical practice guidelines to build a high quality point of care toolkit for doctors. This toolkit is exceptionally helpful in rural and remote communities where there is limited access to Specialist care.

Alethea wants to provide equitable healthcare for all by offering our AI toolkit to every healthcare professional in Canada and around the world. A Family Physician in Calgary, a Nurse Practitioner in the Yukon, or an aide worker in a remote community in Africa can have AI powered specialists support in their pocket, giving them diagnostic advice, and treatment support.

Our AI tools learn from the interaction between patients, physicians, and diagnostic data to continuously improve diagnostic support and treatment advice. This is how we continue to build state of the art AI tools for the future.

Rapid AI driven diagnostic predictions

Direct access to treatment plans and practical guidelines

Share digital diagnostic data with specialists

Learn how Alethea works across medical specialities

We’re developing AI technology to assist with diagnostics in different specialties. Learn more about our models below.

ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat)

Alethea's ENT AI model allows for the detection of over 20 pathologies of the ear, nasal and oral cavities. In practice, our model is currently 30% more accurate than the average medical doctor.


Our dermatology model allows for the detection of over 90 pathologies of the skin, including common skin lesions, rashes, acne and carcinomas.


Alethea is developing an AI to predict vocal cord pathologies over 5 diagnostic categories using voice recordings. Currently the AI is 33% more accurate than practicing ENT specialists using voice recordings only.

Explore the diagnostic categories that Alethea's AI can predict

Average decrease in Specialist wait times of 51%
Over 7,200 eConsults sent
70% of patients were not sent directly to the specialist 

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