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Better patient care with Alethea’s eConsult and AI decision support platform.

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Dr. Baret
Family Physician
“Looking for your opinion if this condition needs a specialist follow up”
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Dr. Jacobs
ENT Specialist
“This is a normal otoscopic examination. This patient needs a hearing test and analgesia. There is no evidence of otitis media.”

Trusted by 1000+ Primary Care Providers and Specialists

Hear from providers using Alethea:

"My patients really appreciate getting specialist advice within days on issues that otherwise could have taken them months to be seen through the traditional referral process."

Dr. Nancy Li

Imagine Health Centres

"Alethea has been a nice way to connect with colleagues and discuss optimizing patient care on a very user friendly platform."

Dr. Danya Traboulsi

Skin Health and Wellness Centre

"Being able to send images directly from the phone to the specialist saves time, and ensures the specialist sees the best quality image possible."

Dr. Nathalie de Bruin

Revolution Medical

"The Alethea platform is nice and easy to use. I am thrilled with the quick and helpful responses mostly within 24hrs."

Dr. Taofik Adedeji

Crystals Medical Clinic

"The ability to consult a specialist and get advice quickly is so appreciated not only by me, but by patients as well. It has also saved unnecessary referrals directly to a specialist, allowing me to continue caring for my patients within their medical home"

Dr. Kesa Robinson

West Springs Medical

"Alethea is a great asset in assisting our Rural Generalists in getting their patients specialty care in a timely and accessible manner. The unique and innovative way that Alethea delivers care to Canadians is just the type of out of box, made in Alberta entrepreneurship that our Healthcare system needs."

Jessica Hansen, Clinic Manager

Riverside Medical

"I find this platform super helpful for my supportive living patients who have a hard time getting out to see specialists, and I can often get focused advice to manage issues on site which helps everyone involved."

Dr. Ashley Humeniuk

The Alex Seniors Health Centre

"I really appreciate Alethea. It’s streamlined the eConsult process a lot, and I find a lot of the time the consult I received back is much better than the research I would’ve done on my own without the consult."

Dr. Brenden Kunimoto

SantiMed Family & Walk-in Clinic

"The service was exceptional and fast, and just the information we needed to proceed with the patient's care."

Nurse Practitioner, Red Deer

"I'm quite grateful for the service. It's been a positive experience thus far and has been a huge help in reducing burnout in my family practice."

Dr. Reena Suri

Silver Springs Medical Centre

"I must say, Alethea is one of the best things that has happened to my practice."

Family Physician, Red Deer

Doctor uses stethoscope to listen to child's chest

How can Alethea help?


Effortlessly send an advice request to one of our partnering specialists and receive a response within 24 - 48 hours.

Digital Imaging

Capture patient information and photos through our mobile app and proprietary digital otoscope.

AI Decision Support

Our AI predictive tools can assess patient images to support your diagnosis.

Alethea by the numbers


Over 22,000 patients helped through Alethea


70% of patients were not sent directly to a specialist


Get advice from 66 specialists within 35 specialties

Save time with eConsult advice within 24 - 48 hours

Alethea connects Primary Care Providers to our curated team of Specialist Consultants across a wide variety of disciplines.

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