Alethea platform

Improve patient care with eConsults through Alethea

Alethea is an eConsult platform that helps Family Physicians and other Primary Care Providers get faster access to specialist advice.

Alethea is a modern, efficient eConsult platform

Alethea integrates into your workflow saving time and enhancing patient care.


Our partnering Specialist consultantants will respond to eConsults within 24-48 hours.

Reduce patient wait times from months to hours
Easily attach images and videos to eConsults
Our eConsult forms are quick and easy to fill out

Digital Imaging

Using the Alethea app and provided digital otoscope, providers can easily collect high quality images.

Attaching images to eConsults allows for concise communication with Specialist Consultants
The digital otoscope is easy to use and shows a clear image
Images can be easily shared with your patients to help them understand their condition or attached to patient charts in Ava EMR.

AI Decision Support

Alethea has artificial intelligence tools that can provide decision support for ENT and dermatological conditions.

Receive AI decision support in seconds to assist with your diagnosis
Access an immediate second opinion with our proprietary technology
Additional features:

Secure Physician Communication

Alethea provides a secure messaging channel between Primary Care Providers and Specialist Consultants.

Creates a quick and collaborative approach to patient care
Helps both the Primary Care Provider and Specialist reduce wait times and manage patients more efficiently
Decreases the number of unnecessary referrals

Secure Patient Communication

Alethea provides secure one-way communication between physicians and patients. Physicians can send one-way messages and secure forms to their patients.

Share information with patients through one-way messaging
Keep your email address hidden
Reduce unnecessary phone calls to patients

EMR Integrations

Alethea is currently integrated within Ava EMR, with more integrations to come.

User-friendly integration seamlessly passes relevant patient information into the Alethea eConsult platform.
Instantly send eConsults from your patient chart
Easily upload images with Alethea's Photo App Tool, and attach to patient charts

Workflow Integrations

Alethea provides eFaxes documentation for eConsults and secure communications sent through the platform to ensure patient files are up to date. Alethea also provides a secure portal for Physician and MOA communication.

Automatic eFaxes for every eConsult sent and response received.
Easy to use interface for time saving and convenience

Billing and Administration

For Alethea Plus users, we will keep track of your billable activities on the platform and submit the records on your behalf.

Get paid for all of your work without worrying about the administration
We will directly deposit billing revenue to your account each month

Patient Onboarding

Alethea has created a variety of commonly used patient forms that area available to send securely through the online portal.

Send secure patient forms to make intake faster

What we provide Family Physicians to get started:

Access to our mobile app and online portal
Immediate access consultants from over 25 specialties
Digital otoscope for use with your mobile device and the online portal
Alethea’s AI decision support tool for ENT and dermatological conditions
Automated billing services with monthly deposits

Alethea by the numbers


Over 22,000 patients helped through Alethea


70% of patients were not sent directly to a specialist


Get advice from 28 specialists within 17 specialties

Access across Canada

Alethea is currently expanding into other provinces and is working with Canadian doctors, specialists, and healthcare systems. Learn more about how you can use Alethea in your province.

Average decrease in Specialist wait times of 51%
Over 8,500 eConsults sent
70% of patients were not sent directly to the specialist 

Are you ready to send an eConsult through Alethea?