Alethea platform

Improve patient care with Alethea

Alethea is an eConsult and digital diagnostic platform that helps Family Physicians save time and provide better patient care through rapid access to specialist advice.

Alethea is more than just an eConsult platform

Alethea is tailored to your workflow to help you save time while enhancing patient care. We provide access to both a mobile app and online portal.


eConsults can be sent from the mobile app or online portal. Our partnering Specialists will respond within 24 hours.

Decrease in patient wait times from months to hours
Quickly attach images and videos captured through the Alethea platform to eConsults
Structured eConsults allow for fast and efficient responses

Digital Imaging

Physicians enrolled with Alethea are provided with a mobile device and digital otoscope at no cost. They can be used to capture images and video to attach to an eConsult.

Attaching images allows for a concise eConsult while still providing appropriate details
The digital otoscope is easy to use and shows a clear image
Images can be shared with your patients to show them what is going on

AI Diagnostics

Alethea has multiple artificial intelligence tools that can provide diagnostic support for ear, nose, oral cavity, and dermatological conditions. Each AI prediction is easy to access within the Alethea platform.

Decreases the number or unnecessary referrals
Provides a second opinion through diagnostic support
Additional features:

Secure Physician Communication

Alethea provides a secure messaging channel between Family Physicians and Specialists.

Creates a quick and collaborative approach to patient care
Helps both the Family Physician and Specialist reduce wait times and manage patients more efficiently
Decrease the number of unnecessary referrals

Secure Patient Communication

Alethea provides secure one-way communication between physicians and patients. Physicians can send one-way messages and secure forms to their patients.

Improve patient communications. Alethea keeps these messages secure and keeps a record of all communications for you.
Keep your email address hidden
Reduce unnecessary phone calls to patients

EMR Integrations

Alethea is currently integrated within AVA EMR Patient Records, with more integrations to come.

User-friendly integration seamlessly passes relevant patient information to the Alethea eConsult platform.
Save time while creating a more thorough eConsult
Reduce in administrative load as Ava patient records  are automatically updated with the updated eConsult

Workflow Integrations

Alethea provides eFaxes for eConsults and communications to ensure patient files are up to date, with multi-location settings available. Alethea also provides a secure portal for Physician and MOA communication.

Easy to keep patient files up to date
Fits within your workflow so Alethea is easy to implement

Billing and Administration

Alethea will keep track of your billable activities on the platform and submit the records on your behalf.

You get paid for all of your work
We will directly deposit billing revenue to your account each month

Patient Onboarding

Alethea has created a variety of commonly used patient forms that area available to send securely through the online portal.

Prescreen your patients for COVID-19 symptoms
Alethea will create custom on boarding forms for your patients to fill out prior to their visit

Streamlined Workflow

The Alethea platform is designed with physicians in mind, to make it easy and helpful. Using Alethea will save you time and improve your patient care.

PHN look up to make entering patient information easier
Search previous eConsults by condition or specialty to look up past advice requests
Easily attach lab results or other documents eConsults

Learn how Alethea can work with you

Alethea benefits Physicians, Patients, and Healthcare Systems through rapid access to specialist advice, reducing wait-time, improved patient care, and by limiting strain on the healthcare system. 

What we provide Family Physicians to get started:

Alethea offers full support to Family Physicians to get started with Alethea, including all the software and hardware you need with no upfront costs. There are no subscription or sign up fees for Physicians. Alethea will keep track of your billable activities on the platform and submit them, keeping a small percentage as an administration fee. We provide:

Multi-platform access to our mobile app or online portal
Mobile device with the Alethea app loaded and ready to use
Digital endoscope for use with your mobile device and the online portal
Alethea’s AI diagnostic support features for ear, oral cavity, nose, and dermatological conditions

Faster communication, more effective treatment


Over 8,100 patients helped through Alethea


77% of patients were not sent directly to a specialist


Get advice from 10 specialists within 9 specialities

Access across Canada

Alethea is currently expanding into other provinces and is working with Canadian doctors, specialists, and healthcare systems. Learn more about how you can use Alethea in your province.

Average decrease in Specialist wait times of 53%
Over 2,100 patients helped through eConsultations 
77% of patients were not sent directly to the specialist 

Ready to bring efficiency to your consults?