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Alethea eConsult allows you to send eConsults and use our proprietary digital otoscope with your Android phone, desktop computer, or laptop.

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What's included

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Please select your preferred plan to complete your registration through our secure sign-up process. You will need to have your PracID available to complete the signup process. If you are a Nurse Practitioner and would like to get started, please contact us here.

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Our Customer Success team will be in touch to coordinate the delivery of any applicable hardware and ensure the Alethea platform is working well for you. You will not be locked into the version you choose today; you can switch at any time by contacting

Hear from our partnering physicians 

“My patients really appreciate getting specialist advice within days on issues that otherwise could have taken them months to be seen through the traditional referral process.”

Dr. Nancy Li

Imagine Health Centres

"Alethea has been a nice way to connect with colleagues and discuss optimizing patient care on a very user friendly platform."

Dr. Dayna Traboulsi

Beacon Dermatology

“Being able to send images directly from the phone to the specialist saves time, and ensures the specialist sees the best quality image possible.”

Dr. Nathalie de Bruin

Revolution Medical

“The Alethea platform is nice and easy to use. I am thrilled with the quick and helpful responses mostly within 24hrs.”

Dr. Taofik Adedeji

Crystals Medical Clinic

"The ability to consult a specialist and get advice quickly is so appreciated not only by me, but by patients as well. It has also saved unnecessary referrals directly to a specialist, allowing me to continue caring for my patients within their medical home."

Dr. Kesa Robinson

West Springs Medical

Average decrease in Specialist wait times of 51%
Over 6,100 eConsults sent
70% of patients were not sent directly to the specialist 

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