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Optimize patient care and shorten your waitlist by screening consults through Alethea eConsultation.

Better Triage and Remote Patient Management
Limit Unnecessary In-Person Visits to Your Clinic
Earn Additional Revenue
Automated Billing with Monthly Deposits

Provide treatment advice for patients anywhere, anytime

Alethea helps improve access to Specialist expertise, prevent unnecessary in-person referrals, and enhance the quality of any subsequent in-person consultations.

eConsultations sent through Alethea contain the information you need to effectively intervene early in the patient care cycle. Our user-friendly platform promotes collaboration between Family Physicians and Specialists to better manage and triage patients at the primary care level.

Secure, asynchronous communication through Alethea avoids the "telephone tag" associated with phone consult services, while also permitting the secure sharing of patient images.

Connect with our Specialists 

Alethea has recruited a highly-regarded team of specialists who will collaborate with you directly to improve patient care.

How it works:


Capture diagnostic images and access our AI decision support tools.


Effortlessly send an eConsult to one of our specialists and get advice within 24 hours, using our mobile app or on our online portal.


Communicate securely with your Patients and Specialists regarding next steps in the treatment pathway.

Doctor Headshot
Dr. Baret
Family Physician
“Looking for your opinion if this condition needs a specialist follow up”
Doctor Headshot
Dr. Jacobs
ENT Specialist
“This is a normal otoscopic examination. This patient needs a hearing test and analgesia. There is no evidence of otitis media.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Alethea?

Alethea is easy to use and you can get started right away. Alethea has gone above and beyond to ensure communications are fast, integrated, and reliable, without sacrificing security. With Alethea, you can receive quick, 24 hour advice knowing that your eConsults are secure, and you will not need to use external channels to share patient information.

How much does this service cost?

Alethea offers different pricing plans to ensure you find the best fit for your practice. Alethea eConsult is the most basic, and completely free version of our platform. Using Alethea Plus, Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners can send eConsults and use our proprietary digital otoscope with an Android phone, desktop computer, or laptop at no cost.

Alethea Plus Allows Family Physicians to quickly send eConsults while generating additional revenue through automated billing, and secure patient communications. Physicians receive a complimentary Android device to use with our digital otoscope. Alethea will keep track of all billable activities on the portal and submit them to AH, keeping a small percentage as an administration fee to help fund distribution of smartphones, otoscopes, and product support. We issue payment directly to referring physicians and specialists on a monthly basis. Please refer to province specific pages for a more detailed breakdown of billable activities.

You can find more information at

Is Alethea privacy compliant?

Verbal consent to take an image and send it through an eConsult is all that is required (just like obtaining verbal consent for a traditional referral). Alethea maintains PIPA compliance.

Is this platform Health Canada approved?

Yes, our digital otoscope is an approved Class I medical device. The artificial intelligence is currently for educational use only, with a submission in progress as a Class II Software as a Medical Device (SaMD).

Has Alethea submitted a PIA?

Yes, we have a PIA that has been submitted to the OIPC. We can provide our physicians with details pertaining to the amendment recommended for their clinic PIAs upon enrolment into our platform.

Is the Alethea AI database a privacy concern for patients?

No, all images that are collected and stored in our AI database are stripped of any patient data or identifying factors. The CPSA have approved the use of images in this context.

We are getting paid to do eConsults - is this a conflict of interest?

There is no conflict of interest to worry about with using the platform. While Alethea Plus users are being reimbursed through Alethea Medical, we bill AH on behalf of all our physicians according to AH eReferral billing codes and guidelines. Certainly, there is an additional financial incentive to using the platform, one which AH put in place to represent the value that these types of tools yield for physicians and patients. We manage the billing for Alethea Plus users so we can provide the hardware for free, and facilitate access to care without creating prohibitive financial barriers for clinics.

How much of a time commitment is there?

Alethea makes it as easy as possible to provide eConsult advice. Most consults can be answered within a few minutes, depending on the complexity of the case. The time commitment will also depend on the number of consultants available within a specialty, and the number of consults received within a given time frame. 

How do you ensure I will be receiving questions that I can answer?

Alethea will work with you to develop a structured eConsult form that will be filled out by the Family Physicians when sending an eConsult. This helps ensure that the eConsults contain the right information for you to help you accurately provide advice.

I have worries about my own duty and transfer of care. What do I do if the patient needs to be seen but I cannot accept them?

If you do not have the ability to accept a new patient for an in-person consultation based on your schedule, or central triage processes, it is advised that you still let the referring Family Physician know that an in-person consultation is recommended, and that they will need to submit a traditional referral for this patient. If you are able to provide advice to help that physician determine the best / fastest pathway for that patient, it is always appreciated.

Why should I use Alethea?

Alethea is easy to use and you can get started right away. Alethea has gone above and beyond to ensure communications are fast, integrated, and reliable, without sacrificing security. With Alethea, you can send quick advice knowing that your eConsults are secure, and you will not need to use external channels to share patient information.

Communication through Alethea is asynchronous. There is no need to schedule a call with another busy physician. Alethea provides specialists with access to our streamlined eConsult service allowing you to provide the best care possible.

Average decrease in Specialist wait times of 51%
Over 7,200 eConsults sent
70% of patients were not sent directly to the specialist 

Ready to bring efficiency to your consults?