Alethea App Now Available for All Physicians

August 25, 2022

Alethea has officially released new iOS and Android apps, available on the App Store and Google Play Store for all users to download. 

The new and improved mobile apps will enhance the experience of Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners using the platform. The increased functionality will also help Specialists more easily respond to eConsults on the go, ensuring that users receive rapid specialist advice. 

Alethea users are able to access our mobile app in clinical settings to record patient images, access the AI Decision Support tool for ENT and Dermatology, and send eConsults (advice requests) to Specialists. Family Physicians are able to access their secure messages and review Specialist advice directly through the mobile app. Each of these features can help a Family Physician better understand a patient’s condition, and accelerate treatment at the primary care level. 

Each Alethea Plus user that was onboarded prior to the new app releases had been provided with an Android device with the original Alethea app pre-installed. We will continue to provide these to users who prefer to have an additional device for use in their clinic. These new apps have been launched with the goal of improving accessibility to our platform for users who do not like to keep an additional phone on hand, or prefer using an Apple device. 

Download the Alethea App here: 

Alethea for iOS

Alethea for Android