Alethea + nuPharma: Making Healthcare Accessible

October 14, 2022

Aligning with our mission of providing fast access to medical care for everyone, Alethea has partnered with nuPharma. Accessing a pharmacy can be challenging for many patients, especially those who reside in rural or remote communities, or have mobility constraints. We hope to address these challenges through our alliance with nuPharma. 

nuPharma is an online and brick and mortar pharmacy that fills prescriptions and brings them to  patients’ doorsteps. This works seamlessly through the Alethea platform, allowing Family Physicians to send virtual prescriptions securely to their patients. When Physicians send a prescription, an email notification will be delivered to the patient. Once the email has been received, the patient will log into their Alethea.Care portal, then click to access the nuPharma integration to have their prescription filled and delivered. In addition to this feature, patients who have been given a physical script are able to upload a photo of it to nuPharma to be filled.

Patient communications have been increasingly useful for Physicians in today’s remote landscape. The Alethea Portal allows Physicians to send one-way communications to their patients. These communications can include patient forms, post-appointment follow-up, updates  on eConsult advice, and prescriptions. 

These tools provide a more simple “paper trail” for Physicians, while allowing patients to skip the in-person pharmacy lines. Better access to medications is a key step in making health care more equitable for all. We at Alethea are hopeful that this solution makes healthcare more holistically accessible.    


To learn more about nuPharma, click the following link: nuPharma website