Alethea Releases No-Cost "Alethea eConsult" to Improve Access to Care

July 11, 2022

Alethea Medical is pleased to announce that we have officially launched a free version of our eConsult and AI decision support platform. This release will further assist Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners in accessing specialist care for their patients. Alethea eConsult is our new, no-cost version of the Alethea platform that allows care providers to sign-up online, and send their first eConsult within minutes. 

Alethea has been working directly with Family Physicians for the past two years to learn what outcomes physicians are looking for as they seek specialist advice, and how an eConsult platform can complement their workflow. Most importantly, we have learned that any tool used must maximize efficiency while integrating with existing systems. We have refined our platform so Family Physicians can complete an eConsult in less than 1-2 minutes, instantly message a specialist for ongoing advice, and automate the charting of eConsults with eFax and select EMR integrations. Alethea users receive high quality responses within 24 hours.

We have found that Alethea helps Family Physicians treat their patients faster. When eConsultation is used, 42% of patients start receiving treatment at the primary care level. Additionally, 11% of patients who require a specialist visit receive trial treatments or investigations prior to their appointment. This saves Family Physicians and Specialists time in the patient care cycle. 

At Alethea, we seek to provide equitable access to healthcare for all. We hope that through the accessibility of Alethea eConsult and our time-saving improvements over the past two years, we will be able to help more Family Physicians provide their patients with efficient, high quality care.