Dr. Devon Livingstone featured on the Collisions YYC Podcast.

December 3, 2020

"As innovators continue to tap into its unlimited potential, AI and automated machine learning is transforming the ways industries operate. Take Dr. Devon Livingstone, Founder & CMO of ENTiD. He wanted to determine whether automated machine learning could build an algorithm capable of accurately diagnosing otologic disease. The result – a solution that helps physicians better diagnose ear, nose, and throat disease, decrease wait times, and improve access to care for all. Devon’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed as he was a 2019 recipient of a Joule Innovation Grant in the Emerging Physician Innovator category."

Listen to the full Episode of Collisions YYC with Devon Livingstone here: https://www.collisionsyyc.com/episodes/e99-devon-livingstone