Fast Access to Mental Health Services

December 20, 2022

Alethea Partners with Owl Pod

Alethea has an exciting new partnership with Owl Pod, a virtual mental health clinic free to all Canadians. With this alliance, it is easier than ever to consult with a mental health professional, and to provide your patients with the therapeutic mental health support they need. Access to Owl Pod’s therapy program is timely to ensure your patient receives proper support when they need it most. Any Family Physician on Alethea’s Platform now has access to Consult with mental health experts or to Refer their patients to Owl Pod for free comprehensive mental health treatment.


What is Owl Pod?

Owl Pod is Canada’s largest free telehealth mental health clinic. With the backlog of mental health services in Alberta, Owl Pod is set up to help alleviate that burden with their 42 specially trained Physicians and 4 Psychiatrists. Each professional at Owl Pod is an expert at guiding patients through a mental health program with clearly defined goals.

This clinic is unique in that it sets out to solve mental health challenges with direction, rather than allowing talk therapy to continue on for years without any apparent transformation for the patient.


How to Consult with Owl Pod

Set your patients up for mental health success with Owl Pod today. Sending an eConsult to Owl Pod can quickly clear up any pressing questions you may have for a mental health expert. In addition, Owl Pod is happy to accept your patient through Alethea to schedule their first virtual mental health appointment. 

To send an eConsult, press the orange “Send eConsult” button under the drop-down menu. In the Specialist field, select “Mental Health”. Owl Pod will be the Specialist to send the advice request to. If you wish to have your patient booked for psychotherapy, there is a check box to determine your preference. Owl Pod will contact your patient for their first appointment within 30-45 days.


The goal of Alethea’s pairing with Owl Pod is to not only provide better, faster access to mental health support, but also improve patients overall wellbeing and ability to progress their own health.


To sign up for Alethea and get your patients mental health access, follow this link: Sign Up Now