User Spotlight: Dr. Kesa Robinson

August 23, 2022

Dr. Kesa Robinson is a Family physician at West Springs Medical. Dr. Robinson has been part of the Alethea Platform since January 2022. We had the chance to catch up with her this summer and ask about her experience using Alethea so far. Here is what Dr. Robinson had to say!

Q: How do you benefit through the use of the Alethea platform?

A: Being able to consult specialists through the Alethea platform is incredibly convenient – because it’s by email I can prepare the consult when time allows in the day, and also know I will receive a timely response. I appreciate that I can read and act on the response when it’s convenient in my day as well!

Q: How do your patients benefit through your use of the Alethea platform? Do they like it?

A: This has directly translated into enhanced patient care. The ability to consult a specialist and get advice quickly is so appreciated not only by me, but by patients as well. It has also saved unnecessary referrals directly to a specialist, allowing me to continue caring for my patients within their medical home.

Q: Which features of the platform have you found most helpful in ensuring your patients get the best and most efficient care possible?

A: I do enjoy the camera so I can take otoscope images to send to ENT. It’s also very easy and user friendly to attach documents for a specialist to review.

Q: Have you found specific cases where the Alethea app and online portal have been particularly helpful?

A: There are many cases that come to mind where I have been so impressed by the timeliness, thoroughness, and helpfulness of the responses I have received from specialists where I feel they have gone above and beyond to help.

Q: Have you used other eConsult platforms in the past? Can you speak to any advantages Alethea presents over these other platforms?

A: I have, and this is very user friendly. It is easy to write the consult note, to attach necessary documents, and then also the ability to have ongoing communication back and forth with the specialist if needed is really helpful at times.

Q: Which specialties do you send eConsults to the most? Why?

A: Honestly, I use all of them quite frequently I think. Because Alethea has so many different specialists attached, I now find myself thinking of Alethea first because it’s so convenient.

Q: Are there specific tools or features that have saved you a significant amount of time?

A: I appreciate that photos I take on the  external camera automatically show up on my user account when I sign in on desktop to create the referral.

Q: Would you recommend Alethea to a friend or colleague? Can you tell us why?

A: I absolutely recommend Alethea to any family physician – it makes getting advice from a specialist quick and easy!

We would like to thank Dr. Robinson for taking the time to share her feedback with us. If you are a Family Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Specialist interested in learning more about Alethea or signing up today, please visit our Get Started page.