User Spotlight: Dr. Nathalie de Bruin

March 9, 2021

Dr. Nathalie de Bruin has been using Alethea at our pilot clinic, Revolution Medical in Signal Hill, since February 2020. We have enjoyed working with Dr. de Bruin and the other enrolled physicians at Revolution over the past year, and have used their feedback to improve the platform and guide our expansion of services. We hope you enjoy learning more about our platform through this interview.

Q: Which features of the platform have you found most helpful in ensuring your patients get the best and most efficient care possible?

The fast response on eConsults. There have been cases where patients have been able to see ENT much faster than the typical 8 month waiting period. They notice how much faster this is, and they really appreciate it.

Q: Are there specific use-cases where the app is particularly helpful?

The app has been very helpful for dermatology conditions. With a traditional referral, the image is faxed, and it loses some of it’s clarity. Being able to send the image directly from the phone to the specialist saves time, and ensures the specialist sees the best quality of the image possible.

Q: Which features of the platform do your patients appreciate most, or get the most excited about?

Overall, they love it, especially the kids. Most people like being able to see what I mean. For example, if there is an area of skin on the back that the patient cannot normally see, I can just take the picture and show the patient what I am talking about. That is helpful.

Were you sending patient emails before the use of the online portal?

Not at all. I was not sending patient emails before I started using the portal. I send them a lot now, and it has been useful. Patients are happy with this, because it keeps them from coming to the clinic to pick up forms. This is so much easier.

Q: Are there specific tools / features that have saved you a significant amount of time?

The portal. I find it easier to send consults here than I do on the phone. I take the photos on the phone, but I usually send the eConsult through the online portal.

Q: Do you have any tips that you would like to share with fellow users of the app/portal?

I send the Covid pre-screening form to all of my patients from the portal. This is very reassuring. If there are any concerns, I am able to call them before they come in. Otherwise, they might come to the clinic before we find out there could be an issue.

Q: Do you use the phone provided by Alethea for any other purposes?

I use the phone mostly to take photos through the app. Even if I am not planning on sending a consult, I will use this phone to take photos, so I can add them to my patient's chart and keep track over time.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with our users that you think may help them get the most out of the Alethea platform?

I am very happy with it, which I think shows in my use of the platform. I have received some very elaborate advice from the specialists. They have always been willing to see my patients when it has been necessary. Having this connection with the specialists through Alethea is helpful for us family doctors.

We would like to thank Dr. de Bruin for taking the time to chat with us, and for her continued use of the platform.

As always, please contact us or book a meeting if you have any questions or would like to touch base.