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Aneal Khan


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Dr. Aneal Khan is the President of MAGIC Clinic Ltd., and CEO of Discovery DNA. His main research interest is to investigate novel methods for the treatment of childhood-onset genetic diseases. As a pediatrician, medical geneticist and metabolic diseases specialist, his clinical research has primarily included subjects with inborn errors of metabolism.

Dr. Khan is currently a principal investigator in multiple studies investigating the role of novel therapies like gene therapy, and next generation sequencing for mitochondrial disorders, bone imaging in metabolic diseases, metabolic cardiomyopathies and rare disease registries. In 2014, Dr. Khan’s team performed the first liver cell transplant for urea cycle diseases in Canada, in 2017 the first in the world gene therapy for Fabry disease, in 2019 the first gene therapy for a urea cycle disease in Canada, and in 2020 the first in the world gene therapy for Gaucher disease. He trained in Medical Genetics at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, working there for a brief periodic in Clinical and Metabolic Genetics, then at the University Health Network, McMaster University, Alberta Health Services and now has his community practice in metabolic and clinical genetics in Calgary.

MAGIC Clinic

Phone: (587) 885-3158

Fax: (587) 441-8380

Discovery DNA

Phone: (888) 813-2623

I can help with:

  • Advice regarding chromosomal results
  • Assessment of DNA results
  • Advice regarding genetic counselling
  • Information regarding non-invasive pre-natal screening
  • Genetic test requests
  • Questions regarding hereditary cancer
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