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Cassandra Hoggard

Dr. Cassandra Hoggard
Cassandra Hoggard


Primary Specialty:
Geriatrics & Care of the Elderly
Other Specialties:
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Dr. Cassandra Hoggard Practices in Okotoks and Calgary. She provides both comprehensive primary care as well as consultation in Long Term Care and Support Living. She wants to empower doctors and nurse practitioners to provide the highest quality care for patients living in care by offering her services on a virtual platform.  She is happy to provide support on the phone or via written communication using Alethea.

I can help with:

  • Chronic Infection Concerns
  • Facility Living Concerns
  • Dementia or Behavioral Concerns
  • Deprescribing Advice
  • Management for Complex Patients
Average decrease in Specialist wait times of 51%
Over 7,200 eConsults sent
70% of patients were not sent directly to the specialist 

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