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Kaitlin Robertson

Dr. Kaitlin Robertson
Kaitlin Robertson


Primary Specialty:
Other Specialties:
Women's Health

Dr. Robertson is a Family Physician in Edmonton, Alberta. She obtained her Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta and her Doctor of Medicine from the University of Calgary. She went on to complete her residency in Family Medicine in 2017 with additional specialized training in Maternal and Newborn care.

She currently practices Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine at the Allin Breastfeeding Clinic. She provides prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum care with Mom Care Docs at the Allin Clinic and the Royal Alexandra Hospital. She also provides prenatal care with the St. Albert and Sturgeon PCN Primary Care Obstetrics team. She is a clinical lecturer with the University of Alberta.

I can help with:

  • Breast and Nipple Concerns (low milk supply, breast pain, nipple pain, mastitis, etc.)
  • Milk Supply Concerns
  • Infant Concerns (difficulty latching, poor growth)
  • Medication Inquiries
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