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Kathryn Anderson

Dr. Kathryn Anderson
Kathryn Anderson


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Dr. Anderson is a Family Physician practicing breastfeeding medicine, general family medicine, and providing contraception consultations. She completed her medical degree and family medicine residency training at the University of Calgary. She was introduced to breastfeeding medicine during residency through her mentor and preceptor at Circle Medical Breastfeeding clinic.

Dr. Anderson earned her IBCLC certification in 2019, and is currently working towards her North American Board Certification in Breastfeeding Medicine. She has a passion for infant feeding, teaching new families how to breastfeed, as well as following infants through their feeding journey. She is currently the Medical Director of the Breastfeeding Clinic at Circle Medical in SE Calgary.

Clinic Website: Circle Breastfeeding Clinic

Clinic Phone Number: (403) 726-0524

Clinic Fax Number: (403) 726-0579

I can help with:

  • Breast and Nipple Concerns (low milk supply, breast pain, nipple pain, mastitis, etc.)
  • Milk Supply Concerns
  • Infant Concerns (difficulty latching, poor growth)
  • Medication Inquiries
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