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Payman Hajiazim

Dr. Payman Hajiazim
Payman Hajiazim

FRCPC, DRCPSC (Sleep Disorder Medicine), ESRS (Expert in Sleep Medicine, Certified Somnologist)

Primary Specialty:
Sleep Medicine
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Dr. Payman Hajiazim completed his MD at Tehran University in 1999 and his residency training at SBMU University in Tehran in 2006. In 2011, he completed the fellowship program of psychotherapy at the University of Toronto before starting his training in sleep medicine in 2012, which ended in 2014.

Dr. Hajiazim moved to Calgary early 2015 and became affiliated with the University of Calgary as a clinical assistant professor in psychiatry and sleep medicine. He is also a full member of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute and a member of the Mathison Center.

Dr. Hajiazim is designated by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Sleep Disorder Medicine as well as Psychiatry. He is recognized as an Expert in the field of Sleep and a certified Somnologist by the European Sleep Research Society. He holds full licenses in Alberta and Ontario.

Dr. Hajiazim is the founder, CEO, and medical director of the “Sleep and Wake Clinic” in Rockyiew Health Centre, designated for the treatment of patients with different sleep disorders, including psychiatric patients with significant sleep comorbidities. The clinic benefits from having a child and adolescent psychiatrist, geriatric psychiatrist, general psychiatrists, and a psychiatrist with a special interest in the assessment and treatment of adult-onset attention deficit disorder.

He is the Principal Investigator for several clinical trials in the novel insomnia treatment, excessive daytime sleepiness, and Cataplexy treatment in patients with narcolepsy, along with some other ongoing research projects.

Recent peer-reviewed publications include co-authorship on the the textbook of CPAP Adherence, Factors and Perspectives.

Outside of his practice, research, and administrative work, Dr. Hajiazim enjoys being part of a family of four along with biking, running, playing tennis and chess, and listening to different scientific and cultural podcasts. He wishes to go hiking again when his children can accompany him.

Sleep and Wake Clinic

Phone Number: 403-474-0800

Fax Number: 403-474-0837

I can help with:

  • Advice on complex patient symptoms
  • Suggestions for new or existing medications
  • Recommendations for next steps and continuing care for those with sleep disorders
  • Diagnostic / investigation recommendations for patients struggling with sleep

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