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Shafeena Premji

Dr. Shafeena Premji
Shafeena Premji


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Women's Health
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Dr Premji is a family physician who has had a North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Menopause Certification since 2015. She is the founder and director of Mahogany Medical Clinic and The Village Medical where she offers prenatal care, women's health consultations and a menopause clinic. Dr Premji is a Board Director of the Canadian Menopause Society and on the Medical Advisory Board of the Menopause Foundation of Canada. She has done several local and national media interviews (radio, print, and television) as well as podcast interviews offering her expert advice to women across Canada.

With over 10 million women across Canada currently over the age of 40, the need for timely and evidence-based menopausal care is becoming a greater need. 1 in 2 women feel completely unprepared for this time of life and only 41% of women seek out medical advice from their family physician. Dr Premji is dedicated to supporting women through their menopausal transition and also supporting her colleagues in learning how and when to consider initiation of menopausal hormone therapy.

I can help with:

Menopausal symptoms, Hormonal therapy for menopause

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