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Ted Jablonski

Dr. Ted Jablonski
Ted Jablonski


Primary Specialty:
Transgender Health
Men's Health
Other Specialties:
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Dr. Ted Jablonski is a well-known, award-winning teaching Family Physician. Dr. Jablonski has done consultant work in Men’s Health, Sexual Medicine, and Transgender / Gender Diverse Health for more than 20 years. He is always keen to support his colleagues in managing their patients with concerns in these sometimes challenging areas. You can consult with Dr. Jablonski for a variety of Transgender Health or Men's Health related concerns.

I can help with:

Transgender Health

  • Referral advice for transitioning patients
  • Recommendations regarding local resources for patients exploring transition
  • Guidance pertaining to hormonal choices, lab targets, and safety
  • Advice regarding access to gender affirming surgeries

Men's Health

  • Support for patients with ED or sexual dysfunction
  • Guidance managing patients with hormonal concerns
  • Referral advice for patients with hormonal or sexual concerns

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