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Using the Alethea Care Patient Portal

Using the Alethea Care Patient Portal

Within this guide you will find information about how to instruct your patients or MOA's to access any eConsult copies, secure messages or forms you may send them.

Signing Up for Alethea Care

  • Once you have sent any patient messages, forms or eConsult copies the recipient will be asked to sign up for their own Alethea Care account.
  • After clicking Create Your Account they will be asked to create a password, and fill out a small bit of personal information to ensure they only receive the proper messages. (If your MOA is signing up, they should input the PHN (00000-0000)
  • After Submitting, your patients or MOA will be able to see any messages, or forms you have sent them, and have easy access to them at a later date should the need arise.

Now that your patient is all signed up for Alethea Care, they will be notified by email whenever a message is sent to them, and all they will have to do is click Read Your Message in their email, and log into their account!

Forwarding eConsults

  • You can forward eConsults directly through the eConsult form, by adding in your patient’s email and selecting “Send eConsult copy to patient”


  • Or by selecting Forward on the eConsult window from your Secure Messaging Folder in the Alethea Portal and typing in your Patient or MOA’s email address