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Alethea Monthly Update Notes

Alethea Monthly Update Notes

Below you will find the informations about our newest features.

  • New Specialty for eConsultation

    Gastroenterology: Dr. Rachid Mohamed
  • CC Patient Email Option in the eConsult Template
  • eFax for Specialist Responses

    Opt-In for eFax Integration
  • Reference Journal for Dermatology

You can now submit eConsults for Specialist Advice for Gastroenterology. Please welcome Dr. Rachid Mohamed to the ENTiD Specialist Team.

The new specialty appears as an option within the Specialty Dropdown Menu in your eConsult Template. Click the arrow on the right to select the appropriate specialty:

After selecting the appropriate Specialty, use the Subsite Dropdown Menu to select the appropriate subsite:

Once you have selected the appropriate Subsite, you can continue moving through the eConsult template to Check Off all applicable symptoms, and add any other notes relevant to your patient before clicking "Finish".

As always, we guarantee a 24 hour specialist response time for all eConsults sent through our platform.

You can now choose to send your patient a copy of their submitted eConsult, upon their request. With this tool, your patient can receive a fully secure and encrypted email with their eConsult details. This is a One-Way email to your patient, and will not provide your direct contact information or allow for a response from your patient.

To send your patient a copy of the eConsult, you must enter their email address in the eConsult form. You will then be prompted to check the box for "Email Patient Referral":

Your patient will receive an email with the following subject line:

Your patient will be able to access their email by clicking "Read your secure email":

The eConsult email your patient views will look like the following:

Last month, we added the eFax Integration for all eConsults sent from your practice. Your clinic can now receive Fax copies of the Specialist Responses to your eConsults.

Please Note: Receiving Faxed Copies of eConsults and Specialist Responses is now Optional. You need to opt-in to receive these faxes. To enable the eFax integration, access your User Profile in the main menu on the top right of your App Screen:

Upon Accessing your User Profile, confirm that the Fax Number in your profile is correct. To Receive Faxes, Select "Receive Faxes" and "Finish":

Your MOAs can now expect to receive Fax copies of your eConsults, and the Specialist Responses to your eConsults.

Please note that the reference journal for Dermatology has been updated, and can be accessed through the ENTiD App or the ENTiD Website.