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Alethea Quickstart Guide

Getting Started with Alethea

Within this guide you will find information about how to get started with Alethea.

Using Your Mobile App 

  • From Your Mobile Phone’s Home Screen, tap the Alethea icon, to enter our application. 
  • From Here Log into your Alethea account with the email and password you enrolled using.


  • After Logging into your Device you will be taken to this Alethea Landing screen. To access the rear camera simply tap the camera button, or plug in your provided Alethea Digital Otoscope.


1. Here you will be taken to the Alethea Reference  Journal where you will be able to find an extensive suite of reference images  and information packets depending on    your desired specialty.    

2. Your image library is where you will be able to see all the previous images and  videos you have taken, as well as access Alethea's AI diagnostic aid.    

3. Tapping the rear-camera button will allow you to turn on the camera functionality, as well as switch between your Alethea Otoscope and the rear-camera.    

4. Tapping  the Flash On/Off button will allow you to turn the camera Flash on/off while using the rear facing camera.    

5. To Capture an Image simply tap the centre button. If you would like to take a video using the rear facing camera, hold your finger on this button.  

6. To Send an eConsult press the arrow button, and fill out the form accordingly. The only required fields are Patient First and Last name, and their PHN.

Sending an eConsult

  • When you tap the Arrow button, you will be taken to the eConsult form. Here you will have to input required patient data, and choose the specialty and subsite you would like to send the eConsult to. Here you can also attach any images or videos you believe will be helpful for the specialist to receive while they are making their recommendation.

  • Once the form is filled out, hit Finish, and your eConsult will be sent.
  • Alternatively, you can send your eConsults through the Alethea web portal at and select "eConsult" from the left hand toolbar, and fill out the form exactly as you would on the mobile app. **Please note- all of the images you take on your mobile device, automatically upload onto the Alethea web portal!

  • To view any previously sent eConsults and corresponding replies head to the Alethea web portal and click on "Secure Messaging" in the left toolbar. Here you will see all previously sent eConsults, and any new replies, which will be denoted by a green dot on the right hand side.