The Alethea platform helps you, the patient, receive more timely care for conditions where a specialist consultation is required. Alethea provides a channel for enhanced communication between your Family Physician and the Specialist. This not only expedites diagnosis and treatment, but also helps you understand and explain your symptoms more efficiently, should you need to see a specialist in person.

How Does it Work?

The Alethea Platform is a digital diagnostic and eConsult platform that helps both Family Physicians and Specialists communicate more effectively with each other, and with their patients.

When you visit your Family Physician for an ENT or Dermatology concern, your Doctor can use Alethea’s built-in diagnostic support to help determine your condition. Your physician can take a picture of the area of concern, and then show you the image along with the diagnostic advice.

What is an eConsult?

If you and your Family Physician require advice from a specialist, your doctor can send an eConsult through the Alethea platform.

An eConsult is like a referral, but it does not require you to wait weeks or months to see the specialist in person.

What Happens Next?

Your Family Physician will receive advice from the specialist within 24 hours. The specialist may ask to see you in person, but in many cases, your Family Physician will be provided with advice to treat your condition directly.


Reduced Wait Times & Fast
Specialist Response

The 24 hour response time on
eConsults ensures that you receive
prompt specialist advice. If you need to
see the specialist in person for
treatment, you will be more efficiently
triaged based on the details provided
by your Family Physician in the eConsult.

Improved Understanding of

The Alethea platform helps you
become more informed about the
details of your condition and the

Better Communication of
Patient information

The eConsult templates provided in the
Alethea app are designed by
specialists, and contain the exact
details necessary to provide you with
appropriate diagnostic support and
treatment advice..