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eConsultation with Rapid Specialist Responses
Secure Patient Communication
Digital Imaging and AI Diagnostics Support
Select EMR Integrations

Improved Access to Specialist Care for all Albertan Primary Care Providers

Alethea offers Primary Care Providers in Alberta with full access to our eConsult platform, AI decision support, and patient communication tools through our online portal and mobile app. Alethea was founded in Alberta to improve access to specialist care. 

Physicians and Nurse Practitioners benefit from rapid specialist advice for a growing number of specialties. Alethea provides automated billing, and eFax / EMR integrations (including Ava EMR) to help improve physician workflows. 

Alethea manages the billing for Family Physicians, using the applicable fee codes for physician-to-physician eConsultation. Currently, eConsults are billed for by Alethea using the 03.01R fee code. Automated billing helps Family Physicians save time, and reduces administrative hassle.

There is no upfront cost associated with the use of the Alethea platform, rather, a small percentage of revenue generated through billing is retained to cover the costs associated with providing and maintaining the platform.

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