Alethea launches "Proof of Concept" project for remote communities in BC

March 10, 2022

The project is a six month trial, commencing March 1, 2022, which will use an adapted version of Alethea’s successful Alberta platform for a group of primary caregivers based in remote locations in BC. Alethea is a Digital Diagnostics and eConsult platform built for family physicians and nurse practitioners. The technology provides primary care providers with AI predictive support for ear, nose, and throat conditions and facilitates seamless eConsultation with expedited secure communication to a team of ENT Specialists.

This solution has the potential to improve patient care through faster treatment, reduce costs to BC Health by more efficiently using resources, and support remote healthcare providers to make confident diagnosis and get specialist advice in a timely manner.

The project will focus on ENT conditions and will involve a three dimensional team of physicians:

  • ENT Specialists working at Providence Healthcare in Vancouver
  • Primary Caregivers working in the remote communities:
  • Bella Bella, BC
  • Haida Gwaii, BC
  • ENT Specialist and support team from Alethea Medical

Remote communities normally do not have local ENT Specialist Physicians.  Primary caregivers in a remote community may face challenges in diagnosis and treatment of patients with complicated conditions. This tool efficiently provides quick, non-urgent, advice.

Both the ENT Specialists and the Remote Primary Caregivers will be given smartphones, endoscopes, and secure accounts.  Remote Primary Caregivers may use the application and endoscope to capture images and enter patient specific information. The AI predictive tool, built into the application, provides the Primary Caregiver with diagnostic analysis and information.  The application makes it easy to securely transmit images and supporting information about the patient to the ENT Specialist Team in Vancouver.  An ENT Specialist will review the advice request within 48 hours and reply directly to the Primary Caregiver using the secure communication built into the application.