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Using the Alethea Mobile Applications

1) Taking Photos Using the Otoscope / Endoscope

The digital endoscope can be used to perform an examination of the ear canal / tympanic membrane, or the anterior nasal cavity. 

The digital endoscope is not to be used for examinations / imaging of the oral cavity. Please use the mobile rear facing camera for these examinations. 

  • To take a photo using the Alethea mobile app and digital otoscope / endoscope, first open the mobile app, and prepare your endoscope. Our endoscopes are compatible with Welch Allyn adult otoscope tips. Firmly press a tip onto the end of your endoscope. Ensure the tip is tightly fixed to the device, and there is no wiggling or movement of the tip.  

  • Next, plug the endoscope into your mobile device. You may receive a notification asking you to use the camera. Select “OK”: 
  • Before beginning your examination, check the orientation of your otoscope to ensure you are using it with the right side up. Consider looking at your name on your profile to test your orientation: 
  • You can now begin either your ear or anterior nasal cavity examination. It is typically not necessary to pull on the pinna to see a clear image of the eardrum. You will need to gently navigate the curve of the ear canal to see a clear image. When performing an anterior nasal exam, gently insert the front of your endoscope tip into the nasal cavity. 
  • To record an image, tap the large circular button on your app screen. You will feel a gentle buzz to confirm that your image has been recorded:

  • Once you have completed imaging, ensure you properly clean / sanitize your endoscope. Remove and dispose of the tip. If there is any debris on the endoscope, rinse the body of the device under running water before drying, and sanitizing with an alcohol wipe. Use an alcohol wipe or CaviWipe to clean your mobile device. 

2) Taking Photos and Videos Using the Rear Facing Camera

The rear facing camera can be used to take photos and videos of the oral cavity, derm conditions, and to record movement patterns. 

  • To take a photo using the rear facing camera, first open the Alethea App. To turn on the rear facing camera, tap the camera icon on the right hand side of your screen:
  • When you turn on the camera, the default setting will be with the flash on. To turn the flash off, tap the lightning bolt on the bottom right of your screen: 

You can use your fingers on the touch screen and “Pinch to Zoom” in and out. You can also tap to focus. 

  • To record an image, tap the large circular button on your app screen. You will feel a gentle buzz to confirm that your image has been recorded:
  • To record a video, press and hold the large circular button on your app screen. You will feel a gentle buzz, and the circle will remain orange while you are recording. Release the button to stop recording. 
  • To clean your mobile device after use, use an alcohol wipe or CaviWipe. 

3) Reviewing Images, Videos, and Accessing the AI

  • To review your images and videos and access the AI, tap the mountain icon on the bottom left of your app screen. This will take you to your library:
  • At the top of your library screen, you will see the titles “Images” and “Video”. Click these buttons to go to the appropriate library. Tap on the image or video to open it and view it more closely:
  • When you tap on an ENT or Dermatology image, you will be provided with AI prediction support:
  • To delete an image from the library on your mobile app, you need to delete it from the photo library on your phone. Tap the home button on your phone to leave the app: 
  • Open the photos app: 
  • Select the photos you would like to delete, and then click the trash can to remove them: 
  • You may get a notification asking you to “Move to Trash?” Click the notification to accept:
  • Once you have deleted these images from the photo library on your phone, they will no longer be in your Alethea App library. They will still be in the library of your online portal. 

5) Sending an eConsult

eConsults can be sent through the mobile app, or the online portal. 

  • To send an eConsult, click the small arrow in the middle-right of your app screen:
  • Complete the required fields in the eConsult form. The required patient information fields are the PHN, and the patient First and Last Name. 
  • If you include the patient email, you can tap the “Email Patient Referral” to send the patient a copy of their eConsult. This will be sent the next day, and will be automatically billed for as a patient communication by Alethea. 
  • You can also tap the Out of Province checkbox to send a consult for an OOP patient. The billing team at Alethea will follow-up with you to collect the required patient information for billing including: Full Name, Date of Birth, Full Address Including Postal Code, and Gender. 
  • Next, use the drop down menu under “Referring Physician” to select the clinic you will be sending the consult from. 
  • Use the following drop down menus to select the Specialty, Subsite, and Specialist for your eConsult. 
  • Tap “Select Files” to choose one or multiple images or videos from your library to include in your consult:
  • Complete the “Other Information” fields to complete your consult. The “Question for Consultant” field is required. 
  • Tap “Finish” to send your eConsult. 
  • You can expect to receive a response from the specialist within 24-48 hours in your Secure Messaging Inbox of the Alethea Online Portal. 

4) Accessing the Reference Journal

The reference journal provides access to a series of images, characteristics, and treatment advice for conditions that can be predicted through the AI support tool. 

  • To access the reference journal, tap the book icon on the left of your app screen:

  • The Reference pages will be listed at the top of your screen. Click the relevant specialty/subsite to review the images: