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Alethea is a better way to send eConsults.

Alethea provides Family Physicians with rapid access to Specialist advice along with cutting edge AI predictive technology and specialized hardware.


eConsults can be sent from the mobile app or online portal. Our partnering Specialists will respond within 24 hours.

Decrease in patient wait times from months to hours
Quickly attach images and videos captured through the Alethea platform to eConsults
Structured eConsults allow for fast and efficient responses

Digital Imaging

Physicians enrolled with Alethea are provided with a mobile device and digital otoscope at no cost. They can be used to capture images and video to attach to an eConsult.

Attaching images allows for a concise eConsult while still providing appropriate details
The digital otoscope is easy to use and shows a clear image
Images can be shared with your patients to show them what is going on

AI Diagnostics

Alethea has multiple artificial intelligence tools that can provide diagnostic support for ear, nose, oral cavity, and dermatological conditions. Each AI prediction is easy to access within the Alethea platform.

Decreases the number or unnecessary referrals
Provides a second opinion through diagnostic support

A more powerful eConsult platform.

Alethea helps creates a collaborative approach to healthcare by connecting Family Physicians and Specialists. Our eConsult channel encourages open dialogue, is easy to use, and is secure.

Family Physicians can automatically upload images taken through our app to enhance eConsults and receive more accurate Specialist advice.

Family Physicians using Alethea save time through our automated billing and eFax integrations.

What happens when I sign up?

Once you have completed the registration you will be able to send your eConsult through to your preferred Specialist.

Alethea offers full support to Family Physicians to get started with Alethea, including all the software and hardware you need with no upfront costs.

There are no subscription or sign up fees for Physicians. Alethea will keep track of your billable activities on the platform and submit them, keeping a small percentage as an administration fee.

How it works:


Capture digital information directly during a consultation. Use our AI predictive support to instantly diagnose certain conditions.


Effortlessly send an eConsult to one of our specialists and get advice within 24 hours, using our mobile app or on our online portal.


Communicate securely with your Patients and Specialists regarding next steps in the treatment pathway.

Doctor Headshot
Dr. Baret
Family Physician
“Looking for your opinion if the condition in this image needs a specialist follow up.”
Doctor Headshot
Dr. Jacobs
"This looks like dermatitis. I would suggest treating with an ointment. If there is no improvement you should schedule a biopsy. Please keep me posted."

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Alethea benefits Physicians, Patients, and Healthcare Systems through rapid access to specialist advice, reducing wait-time, improved patient care, and by limiting strain on the healthcare system. 

Hear from our partnering physicians 

“My patients really appreciate getting specialist advice within days on issues that otherwise could have taken them months to be seen through the traditional referral process.”

Dr. Nancy Li

Imagine Health Centres

"Alethea has been a nice way to connect with colleagues and discuss optimizing patient care on a very user friendly platform."

Dr. Dayna Traboulsi

Beacon Dermatology

“Being able to send images directly from the phone to the specialist saves time, and ensures the specialist sees the best quality image possible.”

Dr. Nathalie de Bruin

Revolution Medical

“The Alethea platform is nice and easy to use. I am thrilled with the quick and helpful responses mostly within 24hrs.”

Dr. Taofik Adedeji

Crystals Medical Clinic

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Alethea helps Family Physicians connect with Specialists they can trust across a wide variety of disciplines, improving patient care and healthcare efficiency.

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