The use of the Alethea Platform can provide benefits to the healthcare system as a whole, and specific
providers outside of the traditional referral system. Increased efficiency through improved processes and
technology benefit the patient, the provider, and healthcare organizations.

Improve the Efficiency of Health Delivery

Our services save money by averting unnecessary in person consultations, preventing Emergency Room recidivism, and allowing physicians to diagnose and treat conditions earlier. Through early detection and rapid intervention, we dramatically improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Single Payer Systems

We work with the Alberta Institute of Health Economics (an independent member of the INAHTA) to ensure we can demonstrate economic benefit to single payer systems. Contact us to see how our system can improve health outcomes in your network and save vital resources.

Specialist Level Diagnostics Delivered by Primary Care Providers

Leverage our powerful and accurate Artificial Intelligence to allow lower cost and rural/remote personnel to provide optimal care. Our curated group of specialist physicians can provide additional insight in less than 24 hours when desired.

Reduce Physician Burnout & Minimize
Administrative Overhead

We complete all billing, data handling and reimbursement, so your care providers can focus on what matters most.

Value-Add for your Patients, Flexible
Reimbursement Models

Our device is far less expensive than traditional examination tools, yet delivers superior results. We use state of the art technology that patients under your system will seek out. Contact us to discuss how your organization can work with us.