Alethea eConsults are data-rich, and contain the information you need to effectively intervene early in the patient care cycle. The Alethea platform helps you prevent unnecessary in-person referrals, and improve
the quality of any subsequent in person consultations.

How Does it Work?

Primary care physicians utilize our diagnostic platform to take high quality images, videos and audio recordings of physical examination findings. You will receive eConsults containing these findings, along with the specified data requested in your forms.

Easily Perform Remote Consults

Using Alethea, you can respond to eConsults at any time and any place, at your discretion. We make it quick and easy to respond to consults using our online platform. All the billing and data entry is automated, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Improve Your Communication with Patients

Easily send secure forms, results, and one-way messages to patients. We streamline this process, minimizing data entry headaches and managing billing,

Connect with Other Specialists

Specialists on our platform have full access to our streamlined eConsult service allowing you to provide the best care possible for your patients.